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Dragon Ball - The Magic Begins (1989)

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Dragon Ball - The Magic Begins (1989) Empty Dragon Ball - The Magic Begins (1989)

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Dragon Ball - The Magic Begins (1989) Dba


Directed by Joe Chan Jun-Leung
Produced by Jeremy Cheung & Joe Chan
Release date 1989 (Original Edition)
Running time 85 min (Original Edition)


Charles Chen
Jeannie Tse
Wong Chung-Yue
Cheng Tung-Chuen
Pang Sam
Kam Tao
Lee Yee-Kuen


In order to conquer mankind and rule the universe, King Horn sets out to find all seven of the Dragon Pearls. With two of the seven already in the evil king's possession, it's now up to the remaining five owners of the pearls -- Son Goku (Son Gohan is the Owner, Son Goku his adopted Grandson), Piggy, La Ping, Turtle Man and Seetoe -- to destroy King Horn and his two powerful warriors, Zebrata and Maria, before it's too late.